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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Athena Gifts~ Original Creations from Destin, Florida

It started with a painting, a vision of Jesus over the Destin bridge, The Son of Righteousness, cleansing Destin from some horrible pollution. In 1996, I painted this vision after a moonlit boat ride in East Pass, which I believe now was prophetic for such a time as this. The BP oil spill of April 20 changed our Gulf forever.
People expressed interest in the painting and asked for prints. So, Athena Gifts was born of that desire.
Her daughter Caroline has been creating posters in a genre she calls KITTAY (ITU).
So the adventures antics of Emo and her adorable kittens, Goku, Chioni, Nightmare and Cow are captured in humorous real life situations, such as "Oh NOZ, I'm IN ZE AIR."
Bayview RV Campground, smallest campground in Destin, now has a Shopping Mall for gifts and souvenirs, such as the newly designed Keychain for $2.95.
Destin has never looked more beautiful. A poster available in size from Portfolio to Colossal, even richly framed, may be ordered from Athena Gifts. She was in the water snorkling the day a sight was captured. 25 Manta Rays sailed over Crab Island on the very day before the oil tar balls washed up on Okaloosa Island.
A reproduction vintage postcard from Capt. Ben Marler's Boat Service of Her Majesty (1960-1971) brings back the good old days of folks who've loved Destin forever.
Whether you like posters, mugs, apparel, notecards, postcards, keychains, hats, buttons or stickers, we have been busily creating just for you. Let us know what you think. This is your store. Athena Gifts ~ Original Creations from Destin, Florida.

Visit Our New Shopping Mall for Bayview and Destin Items

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

EMMANUEL_GOD_IS_WITH_US Destin Jesus Vision Poster

In 1998, the Lord gave me a vision that I believe was made for such a time as this. The BP oil disaster and spill on April 17, 2010 has finally reached and threatens the beaches of Florida and the entire Gulf Coast's fishing and tourism industries as well as an entire eco-system. In my vision 12 years ago, Jesus, Son of Righteousness, hovers over the Destin bridge with golden fire falling and rising in a column between the water and his mouth, as he cleanses and saves Destin from some horrible pollution as the Holy Spirit looks on. The white cross represents Destin, and I later learned was the site of Destin's first church at Taylor Calhoun Park. The painting is available on posters from Zazzle. The title is EMMANUEL - GOD IS WITH US.(c)Athena Marler Creamer.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


I was at the Crab Trap restaurant yesterday, May 7, at 2:00 p.m., wading through the pristine, effervescent surf. I haven't seen many videos taken while in the water, so I thought it would be interesting for to capture the sights and sounds on my camcorder. The bubbles in the surf kept bursting around my feet, swirling and tickling my ankles. The water was perfect in temperature, cooler in some parts, warmer in others, and refreshing. A few seagulls circled overhead. The breeze was clean and scented with the living perfumes of marine life and tiny organisms. The sun was bright and warm. There was no sign of the BP oil spill. Pray with me that God will continue to bless us with this miracle beach. You are welcome to share this video with those in leadership in our Country.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The True History of Crab Island in Destin, Florida

(Circa 1966-1974) Once upon a time, Destin was not even a dot on most maps. During tv's glory days of Gilligan's Island and Flipper, there was a small, circular island on the north side of the Destin Bridge. This is the legend of how Crab Island became to be. Daughters of Capt. Ben Marler, Jr. of Destin, Athena and Beth (then 6 and 2 years old) called it "Bird Island" every time Mother Joan drove over the two lane bridge to go to Ft. Walton on a trip to Sear's or maybe to McDonalds, Krispy Kreme, Delchamps, ballet lessons, or the Tringas Theatre (none of those places were in Destin.) They could see it because in those days, since in the freewheeling 1970s there were no seatbelts in most cars, they happily stood or knelt on the lettuce green vinyl car seats holding on to the back of the front seat like waterskiers. So small was it that only about 50 seagulls could fold their wings against the wind, tuck their heads, and warm their wet feet on it in the wintertime. And then, in the very year that the Destin Log was started, came big bad Hurricane Eloise in 1974. Not only did it twist Dad's Her Majesty II fishing boat sign into a metal pretzel and put out the four "blinking red fishes" on it, Hurricane Eloise swallowed up "Bird Island." So, Athena and Beth started calling it "Crab Island." They were familiar with the skittery, scattery blue crabs that swam away from their frightened little feet at the "Park," (Taylor Calhoun park on Calhoun Avenue, site of Destin's first schoolhouse where their Daddy once went to school with all the other children in the 1940s.) So, in 1974, Athena rode a school bus to Max Bruner Jr Junior High School and since she was always the last to be picked up, she often stood in the aisle of the bus. Each day, she said, "look, there's Crab Island." to the busload of jr. highschoolers. She was still standing in 1975 on the bus to Ft. Walton Beach High School. And half the bus would look to their right. Sometimes someone would say Naw,that's Bird Island. (by then, all the Destin kids called it Bird Island.) "No way', she would say. 'There's no birds! It's 'Crab Island' now." And so it was. Finally, as good things often go, the name stuck. Over the decades, Crab Island got larger with the passing tides, hurricanes and storms, but it never again raised a white eye to peek above sea level and wink at the weary birds. Boaters and wave runners discovered that it was a beautiful shallow place to anchor against the tide and wind, and swim at high tide when the blue crystal clear waters looked just like a waist-deep swimming pool. From the air, the sprawling island looks like a crab, surrounded by darker, deeper water and sometimes seaweed. Now, Crab Island is a destination, a world favorite "beach" to countless tourists and locals. Especially on big holiday weekends like Memorial Day, 4th of July, and during the annual Billy Bowllegs festival. You can hear a band, buy a drink, listen to radio music all tuned to the same channel, sun, laugh, slide down a huge inflatable slide, and just enjoy one big, happy, party on the water. And that, my friend, is the History of Crab Island. (Note: Children always played a part. Kathy Marler Blue of the Destin Fishing Museum remembers wading on crab island with crab traps with her grandfather, William T. Marler. So, whether it was above or below water, or named yet, do not know, only that is existed.//

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


MOMS & DADS, Spring break excitement starts March 1, 2010 in Destin. Book and pay using Paypal in advance and get an exclusive internet special CREDIT of $10 on your total stay on already reduced rates!
Regular rates are $50 per night or $60 for BIG RIGS and RVs 36 ft. and up. Published rates will increase on April 15, 2010.
Book online at or call 850-837-5085

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Special Spring Break Rates for University Students and Educators!

University Students and School Teachers are eligible to receive a special discount if booking early on reservations from March 1 - April 15, 2010.
The responsible party must be at least 18 years of age and present valid college IDs upon check in. This Collegiate Rate is $10/day off our regular rates for pop-ups and RVs and large tents. There is no tax. Call Today for information or visit 850-837-5085 Text 850-333-8202 e-mail:

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Bayview RV Campground is pleased to announce their 10th anniversary and the brand new2010 Rates, to begin for Spring Break, March 1, 2010 until 8/31/2010. All rates include full hookups with power, city water and sewer, and cable tv. Bayview features only ten total sites, and as a result is somewhat exclusive, so please book early to make sure you're included.
Daily rates are still $60, as in 2009, and only $50 for smaller RVs. Pop ups are very popular, and rates are a thrifty $45 per night. (To find the weekly rate, just multiply by six nights. So the 7th day is free.) Monthly rates are unbeatable at $500 for mini RVs, $600 for regular sized RVs, and $635 for BIG RIGS. (You know who you are!) (big smile). Tents still start at $8 for 1 to 2 persons and $16 with power added for fan or heater, laptop, tv, radio or heater. Even cable tv for your tent is available for only $1 a day. Reservations are available NOW for the prime Spring Break month and just a $150 deposit will hold your place. Paypal is accepted. Call 850-837-5085 or email Our website is

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


This is Bayview's 10th anniversary year, and rates continue to be fantastic for wintry camping and living in Destin. From now until February 28, rates are just $25 per night or $100 per week! ($35 and $135 for BIG RIGS). Try us! Come see what Destin is all about. Walk on the beach bundled in warm clothing while the sun warms your face and your smile. Try out a new restaurant. Check out the shopping malls and sales. Stroll the docks and meet the locals. See the Destin Fishing Museum. Get a Destin Log paper (or go online at and circle all the events you'd like to do. Take a dance class at the Community Center. Harborwalk has music, bands, restaurants, cafes and special entertainment and promotions going every week of the year. Or just enjoy the quiet of the evenings "roughing it" in your camper. The economy is a bit better here. Maybe you'd like to scope out the job market. Or the real estate. Or complete a building contract. Or even move to Destin long term. Give Athena a call. She will enjoy talking to you! 850-837-5085.