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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

EMMANUEL_GOD_IS_WITH_US Destin Jesus Vision Poster

In 1998, the Lord gave me a vision that I believe was made for such a time as this. The BP oil disaster and spill on April 17, 2010 has finally reached and threatens the beaches of Florida and the entire Gulf Coast's fishing and tourism industries as well as an entire eco-system. In my vision 12 years ago, Jesus, Son of Righteousness, hovers over the Destin bridge with golden fire falling and rising in a column between the water and his mouth, as he cleanses and saves Destin from some horrible pollution as the Holy Spirit looks on. The white cross represents Destin, and I later learned was the site of Destin's first church at Taylor Calhoun Park. The painting is available on posters from Zazzle. The title is EMMANUEL - GOD IS WITH US.(c)Athena Marler Creamer.